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Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology

Whether you have reflexology in preparation for pregnancy, during pregnancy or after the birth, this natural popular therapy is a wonderful tool at all stages.

Maternity reflexology helps optimise your health potential and encourages the body to cope with any minor ailments during pregnancy. Having regular sessions is thought to help maintain the body’s natural rhythms and promote health and wellbeing.
Sessions are tailored to you, the stage of pregnancy and to any symptoms that arise. Special attention is paid to relaxing mother & baby. A gentle approach is taken with the primary aim being to enable the client to relax and enjoy.

About the treatment

It is always advisable to let your midwife/GP know that you are receiving reflexology and at your first consultation a thorough maternity questionnaire will be completed, and after each session I provide you with information to put in your maternity notes.

The First Trimester – During this period the treatments are very gentle and the sessions focusing on relaxation techniques.

The Second Trimester – This is a wonderful time of growth for both mother and child and at some point during this trimester movement will be felt – a great time for monthly sessions, to support mum to be and the unborn baby.

The Third Trimester – week 28 until birth. Considerable growth takes place now. The baby is gaining weight, which can mean reduced mobility for mum. Ideally reflexology treatments should be given more frequently but in shorter sessions.

The Benefits

It is believed to be effective in treating:

  • Back or joint pain Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction pain (SPD)
  • Morning sickness Rib Pain
  • Constipation IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Cystitis Oedema
  • Insomnia Mood swings
  • Headaches Fatigue
  • Heartburn Relief from minor ailments
  • Relief of stress & anxiety Promotes feelings of wellbeing
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases general relaxation

Maternity Reflexology is a complementary therapy to help support infertility & maternity clients and is not a replacement for medical or obstetric care

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